50-YR Reunion Survey

Greetings, Flyers,

Almost half a century ago, we strolled the hallowed halls of Fairborn Baker HS for the final time. Next year, 2022, we hope to celebrate those fifty years, raising our glasses to cheer and celebrate friendships and reminisce about our Hs days.

Hopefully by this time next year, we will be finished with this pesky, pestiferous pandemic with our curves flattened and Dr. Fauci but a vague memory…but who knows?  

May you and your family be warm, safe, and feeling well. I look forward to hearing from you.

With warmest regards and wishes for a lovely weekend, 
Go Flyers! 💙💛


Our 50th REUNION is fast approaching, so please complete the survey by next Friday, February 26. 

"It's time to come together
It's up to you; what's your pleasure?"

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* Answer Required
1)   * How likely are you to spend a fun-filled weekend with the Class of 1972 Flyers at our 50th Reunion in 2022?

  Very Likely
  Not Sure
  Very Unlikely
2)   * Which month(s) of the year would you most likely be able or prefer to attend our 50-Year Reunion?

3)   * VENUE Where would you prefer to hold our 50-Year Reunion?

  A local hotel or conference center where most events are held with overnight rooms available
  A semi-private area in a restaurant
  A private party room in another venue —Beavercreek Golf Club or Kettering’s Presidential Banquet Center
  I’m flexible. Just tell me when and where.
  Other (please submit "Other" ideas in the next question)
4)   If you selected "Other" for the previous question, please suggest where you think might be a good location to hold our 50-Year Reunion.

5)   * Would you prefer for the 50-Year Reunion to be

  A full weekend of events (Friday/Saturday/and Sunday farewell gathering)
  Friday night only
  Saturday night only
  Friday and Saturday only
  Saturday and Sunday only
6)   * EVENT TYPE Would you prefer a

  Sit-down Dinner
  Buffet dinner
  Heavy hors d’oeuvres
  Low-key informal gathering bar/lounge where everyone pays his/her bill

We hope by 2022 that we will have shelved our masks, but buffets may be a thing of the past.
7)   * If a tour of the Fairborn Baker building, 200 Lincoln Drive, can be arranged, would you be interested?


(A new FHS is being built, so this may not be a possibility)
8)   * I am interested in a golf outing

9)   * I am willing to help on the 50-Year Reunion by the following:

  Contributing money
  Contributing door prizes
  Searching for missing classmates
  Serving on the committee
  Arranging a golf outing if enough people are interested
  Unfortunately, I am unable to help